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Hand printing fabric of Kyoto which gave meaning each fabric in bag at concept to traditional beauty of Japanese women "Kimono".
The Company has adopted the thing to the hand-dyed carefully one by one.
The "femininity", "courteousness" and "strength that was dignified Japanese female-specific"

you would like to know mind, traditional beauty, the culture of Japan to the people of the world to the representation.

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Products / Services

Original bag production, sale.
Beauty products sale.
Beauty salon management.

Business category

Bag for sale / Beauty business

Company name

Nouvlelles Vague Co.,Ltd

Head Office

77-8 Koyagimachi Maebashi-shi Gunma, 371-0831 Japan


Ayumi Miyazaki

Tel/ Fax

 +81-27-226-5800 / +81-27-226-5800

Available languages for contact

Japanese/ English/ Chinese

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*First time after confirmation of payment,Order arrangement 

Currency of settlement

Japanese Yen

Minimum transaction volume

Retail price 300,000Yen or more

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RIN凛~ Business Bag Chocolate Brown
Side pocket(A4 size can be easily packable.It is convenient to take out quickly.)
Pocket with six(free pocket can be get in key case and smartphones.)
You can the choice of color of 8 pattern.

RIN~ Clutch Tangerine orange
Magnet (Is fastened with a magnet with the mouth of the bag)
three pockets( pocket fastener and mini size pocket for smart phones )
Drawstring same as in cloth.
You can choose the color from eight pattern each.

Japanese Modern Large tote bag Hisyou~飛翔
Storing luggage subdivision can be stored easily in this bag.
you can be stored easily in bag by Storing luggage subdivision.
Business without any hassle of replacement of bag.
Bag have been very handy to be able to play an active part by private.
Reversible use. You can choose from among the nine patterns each.

Better fortune Long wallet  Verdi Apple
I am familiar with the hand because it is slim size clearly.
Coin purse is big and become the easy to specification.
It is a functional subdivision can be the storing of the bill receipt・ticket class・in overseas business trip so there are a total of four places have your wallet pocket.) Storage of card also contains 16 sheets.

Japanese Modern Shoulder Bag KURENAI ~
Shopping is easily the shoulder belt is not tired even for a long time.
It is available as a cute handbag if you put away a shoulder belt.
You can choose from among the nine patterns each.


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