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Make original tableware to sell and export.

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Maker / Trader / Exporter


Sachiko Maruyama

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Aoyama Planning Co.,Ltd.

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2-7-26 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061Japan

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+81-3-5775-5752 / +81-3-3796-2601

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Japanese/ English

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T/T, L/C,
After payment dispatch

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Japanese Yen

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More than 100pieces

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Possible (More than 1000pcs)

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Possible (More than 1000pcs)

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Our product "Kimono Bottle Cover for Wine, Sake" won the Gold prize at the attractive Japanese Souvenier Contest 2013.

All the goods are handmaid in Japan.

We recommend this Kimono Bottle Cover for sales promotion of Wine and Sake, display of restaurant and party, and gift.


Anyone can make beautiful Kimono style for Wine or Sake bottle.

Sewing of the real Kimono cloth is carried out as a bottle cover.

Kimono 3 bottles


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