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We plan and sell the products such as Japanese towel, Tableware, Accessories, Soup, Laver which are Japanese traditional Sumo wrestling in a motif.
We spread a heart of a Japanese splendid tradition and the Japanese heart, hospitality of Japan through a product

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Processed foods

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Food sale / Personal ornaments sale


Kanae Sugimura

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Variation Co.,Ltd

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4-33-9 Ezawa building 2F Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo ,130-0026 Japan

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+81-3-5625-8610 / +81-3-5625-8611

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Japanese Yen

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EdoNoMeihin Nabe Image 
In pursuit of delicious  Edo-no-ippin ~ 江戸の逸品 ~

Edo-no-ippin Kiwami-shoyu ~極しょうゆ~ 
Soy sauce taste soup(750g)
(Soy sauce taste of sweetness and strong body is a habit)

Nabe-dashi salt soupNabe-dashi Salt soup
Edo-no-ippin Iki-shio-aji ~粋塩味
Salty taste soup (750g)
(aesthetic ideal salty taste)

Description: Nabemono / Chankonabe(ちゃんこ鍋):
Most nabemono are stews and soups served during the colder seasons. 
In modern Japan, nabemono are kept hot at the dining table by portable stoves. 
The dish is frequently cooked at the table, and the diners can pick the cooked ingredients they want from the pot. It is either eaten with the broth or with a dip. 
Further ingredients can also be successively added to the pot.



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