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Wasabi and Grean tea shop by Nakamura

Leave it to us about the Japanese processed food !!

We widely handle from products for retail to gifts.

Please inquire for the Japanese processed food in anything.


Major products
Retort foods Pascalization
Frozen foods Drying foods
Processed foods Seasoning / Spices
Wagashi / Manju / Yokan Japanese Sweets

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Japan foods Wholesaler


Seiichi Nakamura

Company name

NAKAMURATrading Ltd. (Nakamura shouten Co., Ltd)

Head Office

27-17, Fujimi-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel / Fax

+81-3-3963-0533 / +81-3-3964-7667

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Risk of loss: Same as FOB
Carriage: Same as EXW

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T/T, L/C,
Cash in advance

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(when orders from different companies are combined and loaded in the same shipment) 

Can be arranged by a specified agency

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Wasabi and the powdered green tea made of Japan’s original ingredients.

And these came to be loved by people of the world with the popularity of Japanese foods.

In Japan, the custom to send presents twice a year to relatives and company’s business partner has been widely spread.

These events are called “Tyu-gen” (Midyear gift) and “Seibo” (The year-end present).

Tea and Processed Food are the best selection for these occasions.

Thus, we would like to propose to you delicious, safe and secure Japanese foods as gift for person you loved.


Product Introduction

So-men set

Contained highest grade white noodles, red noodles and noodles soup inside a paper pipe with Kitty designed together with a stuffed toy of Kitty who dressed happi coat holding so-men in one hand.
※So-men are very thin (less than 1.3 mm in diameter) white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour.

Fruit jelly set

Luxurious jelly fully made of Japanese highest graded fruit.
Brushup mandarin orange / Grape / White peach / Yellowish orange
Pear / Mixture (yellow peach, brushup mandarin orange, pineapple)


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