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Please refer to the case of dealing with life kind goods
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Attentioin: The registration to the ordering system of each company is necessary in order to purchase products as well as registration to portal-site.


Membership registration

1)Push the Button【New member registration】,Then you can go in 【 Membership registration screen】.

2)After agree to the Terms of Service, Please fill out the necessity to Membership registration form.

3)You will recieve e-mail, When Registration is approved.
4)Registration is completed.

How to Order

1)Enter the password and ID.

2)Log on.

3)Search for products by keyword or category.

4)Order from the category screen or jump to the Product Details screen. (It is possible to order from both screen)

5) Bottom of the page of Shopping Cart,You can find out Quantity,Purchase amount,Total weight and M3.
According to this,you can adjust the order.

6)  Push the Button【To a register】.Then you can go in 【Order confirmation screen】.

7) After confirm the ordered items,Push the Button【An order is transmitted】.Then you can go in【The address for delivery, a remarks column screen】.

8) After fill out the necessity to【The address for delivery, a remarks column screen】,Push the Button【It progresses to delivery information】.
Then you can go in 【 Delivery estimate screen】.

9) After Check the order,Push the Button【Order data is decided】.

10) You will recieve an email about the transport charges. Access to【お支払い方法】from URL that is in a mail.

11) After choose payment Method from payment Terms which is presented by the seller,Push the Button【決済を確定】

12) Order is complete


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