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Aoyama Planning Co.,Ltd: We recommend this Kimono Bottle Cover for sales promotion of Wine and Sake, display of restaurant and party, and gift.

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Tatami: (traditional flooring material used in Japan) Tatami are mats made by weaving straw onto the entire surface of the board-shaped core called tatamidoko.


Zabuton (floor cushion): Furnishing goods that are placed under one's hips, knees, or legs when sitting on the floor or tatami.

Noren (short split curtain): A cloth hung at the entrance of buildings or rooms in Japan to separate the outside from the inside.

Kakejiku (hanging scroll): Made from cloth or paper decorated with Japanese paintings or calligraphy and hung in an alcove for aesthetic beauty.

Hibachi (charcoal brazier): Traditional Japanese heating appliance that uses charcoal.

Sensu (folding fan): A tool used to create wind by one's own hand. Several to a couple dozen thin, long ribs made of bamboo or wood are bundled and fixed at one end point (pivotal point), and fold and unfold when not in use.

Uchiwa (paper fan): Another tool used to create wind by one's own hand. Cannot be folded like a sensu.

Furoshiki (wrapping cloth): Square-shaped cloth used to wrap things for carrying or storing.

Tenugui (washcloth): A cotton-made, plain-woven cloth used to wipe off the sweat or water after washing hands or face, or used to wash the body when bathing. In addition to that, it is used for protection from heat/cold and dust, or worn over one's head as a clothing accessory in a ritual.

Traditional handicrafts: Items to accompany you in everyday life such as textiles, dyeing products, ceramics, lacquer ware, woodwork, bamboo products, metalwork products, Buddhist altars & Buddhist altar articles, Japanese paper, stationery (writing brushes, ink, ink stones, abacus), masonry products, dolls, local toys, folding fans, paper fans, Japanese umbrellas, lanterns, Japanese musical instruments, Jingi furniture, congratulatory and condolence supplies, craft tools, craft materials, etc. all handmade! 

100 yen goods: Goods sold at the uniform price of 100 yen in 100 yen stores throughout Japan.


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